“Never tell me the odds.”

~ Han Solo

It’s Over Now.

In the end, why do we do what we do? Why do investors invest in certain companies? Why do they pick those companies, those people, those entrepreneurs? It’s all for the endgame. I have seen over the years is that the endgame or the harvesting results for an investor can be many different reasons. It’sContinue reading “It’s Over Now.”

Lean on me.

In the section on supporting, I want to concentrate on page 266. It talks about having a team to invest in that as an investor, and you have relatively little worry! I find this, in most cases, to be 100% true. The wrong team can ruin everything. With the right team, you are an unstoppableContinue reading “Lean on me.”

To each their own.

What an exciting section. No jokes, there are so many choices. Each angel was different; hence each their own. I guess when it comes to structuring, we all like it in different ways. Is there a right way or wrong? I think that depends on who you are asking. I appreciated the menu comparison whenContinue reading “To each their own.”

This is me…

I am not a fan of excuses but let me tell you, going back to school as a professional and single mom is hard. I was a little late to the classmate interview board and did not get anyone to respond to me to interview them. So, I decided to interview myself. Something that IContinue reading “This is me…”

Get after it!

Through my years, one of the most important practices I have learned is to have goals. Goals can come in all shapes and sizes, and lengths of time. The section on Evaluation speaks on goals as one of the three bases. Winning Angel states you need all three bases covered when investing. I am goingContinue reading “Get after it!”

Getting to know you….

I had the pleasure of interviewing our classmate Alicia and I am so excited to have had the opportunity to meet her. Below is our interview.

It’s about who….

Even though I have only been in my position for five years, I have learned a ton in those five years. Part of my position is to help coordinate events, and most of the time, these events have little to no budget. Even though that is a well-known fact, most of the time, my bossesContinue reading “It’s about who….”


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