What pushes you?

CCS Top Driving Forces

Household Income/Cost of Education

In Western North Carolina, we are blessed to have great options when it comes to public education. We have an increase in charter schools in our area as well as excellent state schools. At Cherokee Central Schools, we average spending over $7,000.00 a year on each student. Since we still live in such a rural area, we can ensure that our students are provided equal opportunity. When compared to the student schools, we have a huge leg up.

Qualified Workforce

Location, location, location. Cherokee Central Schools is very blessed to university in their back yard with one of the best educational programs in the united states. At CCS, we are constantly partnering with WCU educational program to bring students in to experience the culture at CCS. Often, we can hire some of those exemplary teachers straight out of college. This allows new and innovative staff and gives us a leg up from our competitors.


Our top driving forces, technology and our access to the leading technology offered. Let’s focus on our performing acts theater for one second. We have the top of the line in almost all aspects of our theater. Our students can come in and work on the exact equipment that is used on broadway. In addition, all of our students are assigned a device just for them. Teachers have the top technology offered to them and are at their fingertips. This gives staff and our students a huge leg up in school as well as in the workforce.

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