What Drives You?

Cherokee Central Schools Porter’s five forces are broken down:

  1. Competition in the industry

When looking at schools and how we compete in our industry, You have to think outside the box slightly. What is our goal as a school district? Well, that depends on what aspect you are looking at. The top product we would like to provide our students is a well-rounded education. To do that, we must have students to teach. That is what I am going to be focusing on while looking at Porter’s Five Forces. What competition do schools have when it comes to students. Well, the first aspect that comes to my mind is other schools. So now, let’s look at the area. The Qualla Boundary is split up into two counties, Swain and Jackson. Students who reside on the Boundary can choose their county school or Cherokee Central. Many families can also choose to go to either county school and then Cherokee Central on top of that. That said, I would say that those two schools are our top competitors, with Swain being our number one. They better match us in size, and their distance from the Boundary is much closer.

  1. Potential of new entrants into the industry

In today’s time, Charter schools are popping up more and more. I consider those and private schools the underdogs, but still a potential threat. These schools are much smaller in our area and can not provide as many choices as public schools or our tribal schools can. What they can offer are smaller classes and the most personalized education. Though I truly believe that schools in our area do an outstanding job providing an exceptional education for our students. It is tough to compete with small classroom sizes or low student-to-teacher ratio, but we can offer some fantastic perks that make Cherokee Central Schools stand out.

  1. Power of suppliers

In the business of schools, I would consider our teachers our suppliers. They are the ones providing goods (education) to our students (consumers). In this case, our teachers can have a significant amount of power. A few years back, Cherokee Central Schools decided to raise their pay wages much higher than the states. This was decided after talking with current teachers and in hopes of recruiting the best we could. To get the best supplies (teachers), we must pay better than our competitors.

  1. Power of customers

When it comes to driving prices, our customers do not have much effect. Our customers (students) receive the same grade of the product (education) no matter how much the supplies (teachers) prices increase. At Cherokee Central Schools, we do our very best to offer equitable education to all of our students.

  1. Threat of substitute products

For substitute products in the school business, you must consider other schools that our students can attend. They can also switch back and forth between districts when they feel they need to. In the end, the students are the ones who ultimately suffer from this. The number of students that go back and forth between schools is relatively low.

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