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Everything is negotiable.

Okay, I ended the structure post on talking about negotiations, and here we are. The next subject we are bringing to life is negotiations. Take it or leave it? Is everything negotiable? What is the correct answer? The common factor I see in these vital subjects is timing. The direction the investor takes depends onContinue reading “Everything is negotiable.”

To each their own.

What an exciting section. No jokes, there are so many choices. Each angel was different; hence each their own. I guess when it comes to structuring, we all like it in different ways. Is there a right way or wrong? I think that depends on who you are asking. I appreciated the menu comparison whenContinue reading “To each their own.”

Those pesky emotions..

When it comes to valuing an investment, it can be reasonably easy to look at numbers. Depending on who you are and what is important to you, you can find what you are looking for or not looking for in investment in no time. Now let’s talk about those other driving factors that might notContinue reading “Those pesky emotions..”

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