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Im just a mom learning how to navigate this wild new world.

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It Starts With You…..

The last chapter of the book “Extreme Ownership” was the most important. It concentrated on self-discipline. Why is it important? How does this apply to life? How does this apply to work?  Having self-discipline and motivating oneself is one of the most important traits I have seen in successful individuals. Possessing these gives you thisContinue reading “It Starts With You…..”

Pull the Trigger…..

I am a daughter of a US Army Veteran. I am a sister of a US Navy Veteran. There is no one group of people I respect more than the men and women who served our country. We, as civilians, can not even start to understand what it’s like to go to war. The skillsContinue reading “Pull the Trigger…..”

The Tomorrowland of Education

At the beginning of the year, I decided to step outside my COVID bubble and take my three kids on a short trip to Dinsey. My favorite part of all the parks in Disney World is “Tomorrowland” I love seeing what my grandparent’s generation designed/thought the future would hold for us all. Seeing where weContinue reading “The Tomorrowland of Education”

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